Steam is cool, but its support…

The year was 2011. AD.

It was the first weeks of August and I was trying deeper waters inside “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood”. I was enthusiastic about the game, its story line and its music. Oh, I was so happy I bought the Deluxe edition with all songs in MP3 format, so I could legally hear them whenever I want, without having to resort to PirateBay or anything.

But… Where did Steam put those songs?

A quick search on the interpipes pointed the directory (on Macs), which I eagerly tried to find, without success. Variations, searching for partial names, all in vain. The files would nowhere to be found.

“Maybe I’m doing something wrong”, I thought, and launched myself into the Steam forums for the game. A quick exchange with some other “forumer” pointed that the initial information was really correct and that, for some reason, I didn’t get the files. Time for a ticket.

August 9th, 2011. That’s the date the ticket was open. They reckoned the problem and would “look further into it”.

Almost two months later, I checked the ticket and it was closed. I reopened it, asking if there was something it could be done. The answer was “no answer at this time”.

And then I resorted to the dirty, black way of getting things on the internet. I was not proud of it, but I was pissed that I paid for something and never got it.

Fast forward a bit more than 4 months later. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is for a long time already, a memory; its story completed and done. Other long games came and gone (Skyrim, for example). And what happens? Steam finally found the problem and I can get the Deluxe content if I install the game again.

Thing is, do I even care at this point? The answer is no. Worse: If Steam kept their month shut, I’d even forget about it. But they answer, 5 months after the initial problem was reported, it’s a black stain in our somewhat nice relationship so far.

Steam, I really love the easiness I can get my games and such, but goddamit, fix your support.

The weird achievement stats on Steam

or “Why did they buy it, anyway?”

Ah, Steam. Some love it for its easy way to buy and install games or the Steam cloud that keeps your save files remotely, so you can still play the same game when you buy a new computer; some hate it for its DRM, lack of checks during install and its habit of always installing libraries you already have installed on your system.

But there is a more interesting thing about Steam: Achievements and Global Statistics.

The global statistics show how many people who own a certain game earned an achievement. Only Steam achievements are counted, but that’s not a big deal for what I was looking for.

You see, there are achievements that you earn when you simply launch the game and do the most basic thing. For example, Portal 2 have a “Wake Up Call”, which is basically “watch the intro sequence (which is part of the gameplay) and reach the point you have to do things by yourself”. Right now, the global statistics show that of all people who bought/own Portal 2, about 86% completed that part.

You know what that means? Of all people who paid for this game (one way or the other, either directly, with another package or simply bought as a gift to someone), about 14% never played the most basic part of the game.

Another example: Skyrim have an achievement for when you complete the “tutorial” part of the game: Look around, move a bit, hear some dialogs and that’s basically it. The achievement is earned when the player approaches a NPC to remove the rope that bounds his hands together. The achievement is named “Unbound” and was completed by 93.1% of all people who own Skyrim.

Skyrim is an interesting piece ’cause:

  1. It was launched recently
  2. It wasn’t part of any package so far
  3. It costs around US$ 60 and didn’t get into any “deals” yet.

Of everyone who bought the game, about 7% of them all never really played the game.

It’s weird trying to understand who would pay $60 for something and never use it.

Guild Wars On Sale On Steam

Guild Wars On Sale On Steam

The original Guild Wars is now on sale on Steam, with a 50% discount. You can get the triology for US$ 14.99 and Eye of the North for only US$ 9.99.

Who knows, maybe you can farm some of the achievements to unlock the rewards in the Hall Of the Monuments in Guild Wars 2.

(Even if I already have the original Triology, I’m thinking about getting this and starting over, ‘cause my PlayNC account is messed up and I can’t even get Eye Of The North — which probably means my points are messed up too.)