In which it took 20 hours to understand Paragons

It’s been a while since I wrote something about my Guild Wars adventures, didn’t it?

Since last time, I reached 23 points in my HoM. Not bad for someone whose target was 11 points, huh? Well, thing is, it seems I’m even closer to 26 points and I only need two more things: One title and a Vabbian armor. Those two and BLAM! 26 points, the last weapon I can wield as Guardian (the torch).

How would I get those two things? My plan consisted, basically, in Vanquishing the Norn area for the Slayer title, while gathering some gold in the process to buy the Vabbian armor. But, to be honest, the game lost a lot of charm after I completed the War in Kryta questline and it’s absurd 30 minute non-stop last mission (seriously, it left a sour taste ’cause it’s too damn long!). I could barely log with my Ritualist to keep going.

And that’s were the Paragon comes in. In one of guild runs in Bogroot Growths, someone mentioned that it’s hard to find good Paragons. And, out of curiosity, I rolled one. Over the weekend, when I had no mood to play with the Ritualist, I decided to play a bit with it. The result: The main quest of Elona completed till the Sunspear Hideout, and the Ebon Vanguard and Norn questlines completed in Eye of the North. I just didn’t keep going ’cause I decided to go full Imbagon and the elite I need to capture is far in the Elona questline and, thus, I decided to go for it (not to mention that the place to buy the Vabbian armor is even further).

And damn, it’s been a long time since I had fun playing Guild Wars.

Now, it doesn’t mean that Ritualists aren’t fun (well, that’s a bit true). Rits can get the job done, but their playstyle is more about positioning — or, more precisely, about how to position your spirits. There is no “oh shit!” button and there is no rotation, just “reapplying” spirits. Paragons, on the other hand, have a very thigh rotation due their mechanics. And those mechanics took me 20 hours of play time to figure out.

There are two forms of “energy” for Paragons: Energy itself and Adrenaline. You use energy skills to get more adrenaline and skills that require adrenaline to burn it. So far, it works pretty samey as a warrior (or so I believe). But Paragons have a special attribute called “Leadership” which make Shouts and Chants return Energy based on the number of allies near you. And it took me 20 hours to finally see that going — at which point, I already completed half of the EotN questline and was middle my first Vanquishing.

That’s when the rotation itself appeared to me: Push buttons to get adrenaline, no matter what; cast party wide buffs if there is enough energy; burn adrenaline with shouts and chants to get energy; use energy to push buttons to get adrenaline. Rinse, repeat. As long as you keep an eye on your skill cooldowns, your adrenaline power, your energy, your out-of-cooldown chants/shouts, you’ll be fine.

Sure, Paragons don’t have an “oh shit” button, but at least it’s not as static as “put down all spirit, see them do all the hard work”.