Ritualist Skills by Icon

I watched a video on How to Farm Ectoplasm in Guild Wars (ectos being the most expensive material in the game) and it got me wondering what spells this guy was using (without using the code he left in the description, which only works inside the game). But I’m kinda bad switching between two browser tabs (one with the video, other with the skill list) and an editor, so I wrote small descriptions for the icons, switching between video and editor, so later all I had to do wa switch between editor and browser. Those are the descriptions I used:

Signet of Spirits” was the only one I knew the name, ’cause it’s an elite skill and I run after it.
Screaming chick.
Scared guy.
Gandhi on fire (I reckon it doesn’t look anything remotely like Gandhi looking at the 64×64 image, but on the small video on YouTube, it looks a bit like it).
Angry Bruce Campbell.
Debuff: Carrying a heavy weight (I knew it was a debuff due the pink down arrow — only visible in the video).

What If The 8th Guild Wars 2 Class Was The Ritualist

Guild Wars 2 still have one more class to be announced and a lot of people are waiting for it to be the Mesmer, an iconic class of the original Guild Wars. But one thing I thought one of those weekends: What if the last class was, actually, the Ritualist?

Who are they?

If you don’t play Guild Wars, you’re probably asking yourself what the heck is a mesmer and what the heck is a ritualist? Well…

  • Mesmer: Mesmers are the masters of illusion. It’s one of the hardest classes to play in Guild Wars, mostly ’cause the class is strongly based on interrupts and energy blocking. For example, a Mesmer curse could cause damage and reduce energy when the enemy attacks (any kind of attack) or another curse that would damage only if the enemy uses an attack that consumes energy or causes enemy to lose energy or blocks all the spells by forcing a “global cooldown”… Things like that. There are some direct damage spells (like causing a strong health loss over time) but a lot of people like the “I’m blocking your spells, har har” type of gameplay.
  • Ritualist: The Ritualist attacks are based on spirits: It can summon spirits to do damage, heal the party, cause enemy health lost over time, enchant weapons with ancient powers, use lightning power, things like that. If you need someone to draw a parallel, they would be mostly compare to a Shaman in World of Warcraft, since spirits don’t move and they are mostly static — you can basically see the spirits as equals to totems.

Why it could be the Ritualist?

What we know so far about the 8th class is that it’s a scholar class, meaning it’s a caster. ArenaNet also said it would be a returning class from Guild Wars. And, certainly the Ritualist fullfils those two requirements.

But not only that. There is, currently, a lot of talk about the Ranger class and how ArenaNet wants a better synergy between the ranger and their pet — for example, there is one skill which causes the enemy to bleed, increasing the pet damage. And they are now working on improving the current Ranger skills to give more of this synergy between Ranger attacks and pet damage.

Deep down, spirits are like pets and, thus, we can imagine that ArenaNet would also like that there was some synergy between Ritualist attacks and their spirits.

Why it couldn’t be the Ritualist?

The biggest problem with the Ritualist is that it’s too close to other classes in other games. A Mesmer-like class is pretty rare and basically defines Guild Wars. It’s the game signature class. Not adding it to the newest version of the game would be denying what the game already is.


Although it would be fun to see a lot of people going ballistic because the last class it is not the Mesmer, not doing it so would be something like the next World of Warcraft expansion happening in a complete different environment, with complete new classes and races and absolute not connection with the current world.