Random Rift Thoughts

  • Now going for my 4th rogue main soul. So far I went Marksman, Riftstalker, Assassin and now, Bard.
  • Just looking at it, I think I’ll keep the bard for a long time, due the huge amount of self-healing.
  • My priest have a second role as Inquisitor, but I really enjoy her as Shaman.
  • The only class I’m not thinking about getting a second role is my mage. Chloromancer is too fun to just let it go.
  • I have the impression that the way I play my Chloromancer (kinda drain tank) will be a problem in the next zones.
  • Trying to find a warrior soul with self healing. Beastmaster have it, but it’s too high in the tree.
  • You “click” into Rift when your mage is the healer of a rogue tank.