About Mains

I had an old draft saying “How it’s good to play a game without a main”.

For those unaware of it, a “main” is usually the character you play most in a game that have more than one option of it. RPGs (and, obviously, MMORPGs) are known for this, as you can have multiple classes you can chose (and there is nothing stopping you from playing with one class, then another, then going back to the first, and so on).

This draft was sitting in my draft folder since I started playing Rift, which I stopped playing about 2 months ago. In there, I dropped some notes about the fact that I didn’t feel “chained” to a certain character like I did in WoW, when I felt somewhat bad for not playing one day, not completing daily quests and not getting the rewards I was planning — which is a damn weird thought when you think about it, as you don’t “owe” to your character in any shape or form.

But that’s the way I felt with “Thorianar”, my paladin in WoW: Missing a day of game meant some reward would only be reached a day later, which wasn’t fair after those 3-4 years running around doing everything for the best gear/enchant.

But I’m going a bit off-topic. Thing is, my “freedom from mains” came when I was playing 4 characters in Rift, one for each class. Those were not my first characters, though: I had a Cleric sitting in a PvP server which was a real pain to play (seems the Guardians were outnumbered by the Defiants, so things got really though in the shared zones). Anyway, as time goes, patch 1.3 landed, free shard transfers appeared. And then, suddenly, that Cleric came back to mind. And, suddenly, that Cleric was transferred to join the others, which never got a play time again.

At first, there could be drawn a line between “time played” and “money invested”: The character you play the most is, at the same time, the one you “paid” more (in your monthly fee). Thus, you need to do something to justify the money you already invested: Starting over again would meant those monthly payments you made before were completely wasted.

Guild Wars, which I’m playing again, comes to mind, though. You see, I had an elementalist since the very beginning, with other characters. But that character (“Lydia Tombstone”, by the way) suddenly was my main. And the reason I returned to Guild Wars was simply the “Hall of Monuments”, which I mentioned here before. But there is this weird thing about the Hall: It’s shared amongst all your characters, so you can get some points with one character, roll another, get some other points and, in the end, each unique point is added and you get your rewards. But the guide I followed suggested rolling another character, in a different class. And, although I could tell myself that I was doing that just for the points, it hurt me that I couldn’t get them with my main.

And Guild Wars is “buy to play”, so the monthly fee thing doesn’t apply.

So what really makes someone attached to a virtual entity? Not just any virtual entity, but an entity that that person created. Maybe mains fill that spot that some dreams fill, giving the person some feeling they miss in real life.

Beating Rift Deadlines

After the Steam summer sale, I cancelled my Rift subscription. I have too many games to play now, and I thought “With that many things to do, I could save some money by cancelling my subscription and doing something else”. And, just to be clear, that’s the only reason for that.

Anyway, when I decided to cancel it, I had just paid the subscription for the month, which meant I had still 31 days to play. Since my Cleric was level 43, I decided to see if I could reach level 50 before running out of the game. And, this weekend, with 17 days remaining, I finally got a level 50 character.

With still 16 days to go, what I still can do? First of all, getting the 110% mount, which shouldn’t be that hard — in half afternoon, after reaching level 50, I managed to get at least 12 platinum, reaching 100 plat total. I still have some plat with my other characters (from my previous “enterprise” of getting one of each class, covering all professions). And then I’ll still have some free time to get some achievements.

After that… dunno. That rush wasn’t bad (although I still want the Hammerknell event to end so I can get the damn 4 lesser, 2 greater sigil and I’m getting tired of the dailies) but, again, I have a lot of non-subscription based games to play now.

Rift Developer: WoW’s Current State is ”Samey”

Rift Developer: WoW’s Current State is ”Samey”

Not that Rift is doing good itself these days. Recent patch 1.3 came with a bunch of new bugs, in a process that took way longer than it should.

Things are better after two hot fixes but it surely send a message internally to Trion about their testing. Also, it was the first time I saw in the “Trade” channel (actually, it was the local Sanctum channel) people claiming that Rift is dying.

Star Wars Old Republic a push for 2011, says Rift dev

Star Wars Old Republic a push for 2011, says Rift dev

Sure, sure, it could just be some picking on future competitors but some things he points seem true, although not all of them.

For example, the fact that Star Wars Old Republic is somewhat a disappointment for having a standard action-bar combat. That market is already saturated with World of Warcraft and Rift itself, so SWOR will have to fight only in the merits of the series, nothing new with the game itself (well, maybe the whole “everything will have a voice acting”). Not only they will go head to head with the behemot WoW is, but also against Rift itself, which already managed to capture those who got tired of WoW, shrinking the niche SWOR will try to get in.

On the other hand, Guild Wars 2 may be being pushed to a 2011 release (actually, a lot of games are being pushed to a release still this year) but it have a position of trying to bring a complete new concept for the MMO genre, which keeps a continuous flow of hype into the game — some people will not like it, some people will love it but most will surely try it just to see if it holds any water — and that’s exactly the way Arena.Net profits.

Random Rift Thoughts

  • Now going for my 4th rogue main soul. So far I went Marksman, Riftstalker, Assassin and now, Bard.
  • Just looking at it, I think I’ll keep the bard for a long time, due the huge amount of self-healing.
  • My priest have a second role as Inquisitor, but I really enjoy her as Shaman.
  • The only class I’m not thinking about getting a second role is my mage. Chloromancer is too fun to just let it go.
  • I have the impression that the way I play my Chloromancer (kinda drain tank) will be a problem in the next zones.
  • Trying to find a warrior soul with self healing. Beastmaster have it, but it’s too high in the tree.
  • You “click” into Rift when your mage is the healer of a rogue tank.