This Is Not The Blizzard You Once Knew…

Today, listening to the The Mailbox (which I recommend watching/listening, just to give a different point of view — it’s different even to mine, in this case), with Totalbiscuit discussing the info released for Diablo III, he said

… and don’t you dare blame this on Activision. Blizzard has made these decisions, they are not separate entities. These ideas are Blizzard’s ideas.

That’s one thing that I thought yesterday. Best World of Warcraft expansion? The Burning Crusade (at least, visually talking). ARPS? Diablo I and Diablo II. Warcraft, StarCraft… all those marked the game industry. And all those lost their talents.

The Blizzard you once knew, made by people who understood what was fun and what not are not there anymore. If you want the old Blizzard respect for players, you’ll have to knock on Ready At Dawn (God of War for PSP), Red 5 Studios (Firefall), Undead Labs (future zombie MMO), Runic Games (Torchlight) and ArenaNet (Guild Wars) doors.