So You Want to Roll a Charr…

You decided you want to play Guild Wars 2 when it comes out. You chose your race as Charr, you know which legion you’ll belong, the type of helmet you’ll chose, the alignment, your friend, your mentor… but you are not so sure about its name.

The name is a very important piece. It’ll mark you in the game. It must be something that people will remember when you’re around. It must have that kind of “punch” that leaves a mark on people’s memory. And nothing makes such impression as a bad pun.

Thus, here I present you some examples of such puns for your future Charr character:

  • Charr Aznable (Gundam)
  • Charr Charr (Donkey Kong)
  • Charr Fontaine (“Char Fontaine”, american actress and singer)
  • Charr Pointer (but only makes sense to software developers)
  • Charr Ysade (and variations)
  • Charrcoal (fur must be gray and black or all gray)
  • Charrfield (must have tabby fur)
  • Charrisma
  • Charrkotay (also, required tatoo on its face)
  • Charrlady (“Charlady” was an English house cleaner)
  • Charrlemagne
  • Charrles Darwin
  • Charrles Manson
  • Charrlie Chaplin
  • Charrlie Harper (inb4 “tiger blood”)
  • Charrlie Murphy (if hunter, pet should be, invariably, named “Rick James”)
  • Charrlie Sheen (inb4 “tiger blood”)
  • Charrlize Theron
  • Charrlos Magno
  • Charrlotte (if hunter, pet should be, invariably, a spider)
  • Charrlton Banks (extra points if it’s your bank alt)
  • Charrlton Heston
  • Charrly Garcia
  • Charrmander (must be elementarist)
  • Charrmeleon (must be elementarist)
  • Charrtara (with cheeta colors — “Chetara”)
  • Charryl Crow
  • Charryl Ladd
  • Jim Charrey
  • King Charrles XII (and numberal variavetions)
  • Maria Charrey
  • Ray Charrles
  • Rene Charr (“Rene Char”, 20th century french poet)

Edit: And by Reddit suggestion: