The End of the Long HoM Road

I was pretty happy with my 11 points in the Hall of Monuments but, as I mentioned, there was more I could get in Guild Wars 2. Well, yesterday, I reached the 26 points and the last item I could use with my Guardian.

For that I:

  • Bought a Black Moa Chick. I mentioned I could go after it if I wanted, but decided to buy it when a guildie announced he was selling it. I still can get my money back if I go after it.
  • Didn’t complete the Protector titles, for some reason. I got Eternal Spearmarshal and Savior or Kurzicks instead.
  • I did complete War in Kryta and got an Oppressor weapon. Actually, I ended with enough Medals of Honor to get 2 weapons, but ultimately gave the second weapon to a guildie.
  • Didn’t get any Tormented weapons.
  • Got the Kurzick armor and the Vabbian armor.

That does actually shows how things progressed, which is kinda of a fun story:

  • Eternal Spearmarshal:
    After finding out that Hard Mode isn’t that hard after all, I went vanquishing everything in Elona (as I was trying to get the special foods for Hearts of the North.) When I least expected, I reached rank 10 Sunspear.
  • Kurzick gear:
    I mentioned I was after the Luxon gear, but what I didn’t realize is that my guild is Kurzick, and farming would earn twice as many points instead of going after Luxon.
  • Savior of Kurzicks:
    That was the greatest facepalm of them all. After I got the Vabbian armor by selling the Oppressor weapon, all I needed was another title. Since I was having a lot of fun with my Paragon, I decided to go after things I use with him, like the Ebon Battle Standard of Honor. I had the story book and decided to go all the way with it, which only brought me to rank 4. Since I still had the Dungeon Master Book, I went after the dungeons but it was kinda boring. Then I decided to go after the Lightbringer title, since there was a double Lightbringer point weekend. With a little experimentation, I found out that I could do Mirror of Lyss farm in about 15 minutes, earning about 500 reputation each run, with a total time necessary for my Ritualist to reach rank 8 in just 25 hours — which is not that bad in a weekend. The problem is that I found that in the Sunday afternoon, when there was no way I could cram 25 hours of gameplay.

    So back I went to farm Ebon Vanguard reputation. When I was bored, I went back to Cantha and do the Kurzick quests just for fun. What I didn’t realize is that my farming for the Kurzick gear earn me rank 2 of the Kurzicks and, for display, I needed to reach only rank 4. “Oh, that doesn’t seem so far…”, I thought. That’s when I found that I could donate faction to the guild, earning twice as many points. Another little experimentation and I discovered that Vanquishing Ferndale 4 more times would be enough. And then, yesterday, I reached rank 4 of the Kurzicks, another title and, finally, 26 points.

Now things are a little bit fuzzy. I did complete a lot in the game already, so I don’t know for sure what to do. I mean, I know all the 4 storylines, and that’s seems a bit tiring doing everything again with my Paragon. The remaining bit is the “Winds of Change” storyline, but I still don’t want to pick my Ritualist again and not in the mood to complete the Cantha storyline again (I could finish Elona story again, as Abaddon is a pretty fun mission, but fighting Shiro again feels so meeeehhh).

Meanwhile, there is the second part of the Annihilator quest in the April Fools changes…

HoM Progress

About a month ago I made a post about my Hall of Monuments Progress. Since then:

  • I rolled a Ritualist as suggested by the Reddit Guide and went on questing, only to half-way realize I passed the point where I could get the Black Moa Bird. After I got it, I gave up Canta quests and started the Eye of the North questline, to get the tapestries. As soon as I got the first tapestry, I put a statue for the Black Moa, giving me the 2 points I was expecting. This added a cat and a bow to my rewards list.
  • Following Eye of the North quests, I complete all the quests except the last one. In the waiting lounge (the part of the game you share with other players), some guy was asking if someone needed the tokens required to upgraded your heroes gear (the thing M.O.X. don’t need to get a statue). Thinking it would help me complete the quest if my heroes had better gear (pro-tip: It doesn’t; the last quest is a more about positioning than defense) I asked how much he wanted for it, keeping in mind that I needed the money to get the materials to buy the Oppressor weapon after completing the last quest. The guy started trade and simply traded the tokens for free. After upgrading my heroes, I thought about checking the points with those heroes in the HoM. 6 new statues and I got 2 more points for having 5 statues in the Fellowship monument.

And, thus, I finally reached my goal: 11 Points, enabling the sword and shield rewards.

So, what now?

Now, I can play just for fun. I can go back and complete the side quests I left behind and, who knows maybe get some more points to get “A Clawed Scepter” (16 points), “A Brilliant, Colorful Focus” (20 points) or “An Ominous Greatsword” (23 points). But, again, what I wanted to achieve is done already.

Hall of Monuments Progress

I’m back into playing Guild Wars again, with only one thing in mind: The Hall of Monuments.

What is it?

The Hall of Monuments is an in game zone private to each character. In that zone, your character can display its feats, special pets, special weapons and such. Basically, it’s your “gloating zone”.

Adding statues in the Hall of Monuments is similar to what in Guild Wars 2 is your character district, except much more expanded. While in Guild Wars you only have statues, in Guild Wars 2 you have a full assortment of NPCs, reflected by your choices in the personal story. Also, it gives you points towards the rewards in the Hall of Monuments website.

To add any statues, you need to put Monumental Tapestries, which are given as rewards for completing the main questlines in Eye of the North. For example, if you want to display your special weapon, you must first put a Momumental Tapestry in the display and then add a statue for the weapon.

Linking Past and Future

The Hall of Monuments also works as a link between your character in the current Guild Wars and the future Guild Wars 2. Although the later happens 250 years after the first and your character is long gone, its deeds last through time with the Halls of Monuments, which enable your new character to get some rewards.

As I mentioned, each statue (or group of statues) earn you a point, which can be converted to rewards. The website mentioned will show how many points you already earned and which rewards you already unlocked and what you can still unlock.

The rewards are mostly cosmetic, though, so don’t think that people pushing really hard in Guild Wars will have ├╝ber gear when Guild Wars 2 starts.


Again, just to be sure, you must remember that most rewards are purely cosmetic. You can get minipets, some hunter pets (which I’m guess are purely special skins over normal pets) or a piece of gear that will probably have the stats of the initial gear.

Let me break this a moment ’cause you’re probably asking yourself “Why would you want gear that have no special stats in it? Even WoW have Heirlooms, which scale with your level!” Well, thing is, Guild Wars 2 will have “Transmutation Stones”, which will let you get one gear stats and put on another gear looks. So you can carry the look of those rewards till the end game, if you like.

So, what rewards you can get from the Hall of Monuments:

  1. Heritage Shoes, Boots, Warboots
  2. Heritage Pants, Legguards, Legplates
  3. Heritage Great Coat, Jerkin, Warplate
  4. Heritage Gloves, Armguards, Gauntlets
  5. Heritage Mantle, Shoulderpads, Pauldrons
  6. Heritage Mantle, Shoulderpads, Pauldrons; “Traveler” title
  7. Heritage Masque, Bandana, Warhelm
  8. Gnarled Walking Stick (staff)
  9. Living Shortbow
  10. Orange Tabby Cat (minipet)
  11. Fiery Dragon Sword; “Guild Warrior” title
  12. Diamond Aegis

There are 50 points you can get, but rewards stop at level 30 (although titles keep going every 5 points till 50). Also, I did stop at 11 ’cause that’s my goal: I plan on playing a Guardian, which is a “Board and Sword” type of character (although you can use two handed swords, hammers, scepters and some more) so that would cover basically all the looks.

Other points I thought it would be interesting but not that much to really push — as in, “it would be nice to have, but I’m not going to stress over that” — are at 14 points with “Wheelock Rifle” and at 17 with “Seathunder Pistol”. But, again, things nice to have for my characters, but not something I’m aiming initially.

My Initial Points

The game already gave me 3 points for “Accounts Linked”, which I guess it means I have the Eye of the North expansion, which is where the in-game Hall of Monuments is located — if you don’t have EotN, there is no way you can access the in-game HoM and, thus, you can’t earn any points.

Also, because I went crazy a long time ago and finished the first game (Prophecies), I got 2 points for “Any Statue” with the title of “Eternal Hero of Tyria”.

Adding the Minipets

Apparently, I had a Monumental Tapestry already (how I really don’t know, maybe I did complete one of the questlines, maybe you get one when you reach the Eye of the North) and had some minipets, which I got from the anniversary events. That’s one part I remember doing: I tried to add a statue for one minipet, but I thought it would “consume” the minipet, turning it into an statue and never ever available anymore. Turns out, it doesn’t.

So I added all my 8 minipets, which gave 1 point for “Any Miniature Statue”. You get 2 more points with 20 minipets, 1 point if you manage to get a rare minipet and 1 point for a unique minipet. I didn’t do any research on the subject, ’cause all I had was from anniversary and special events, so I guessed it would be a bit hard to get those. Also, it seemed to be a bit “too much work” for what I had in mind to achieve.


One of statues you can earn is for upgrading your heroes gear. Heroes are like henchmen, you get them as rewards for some quests and, contrary to henchmen, you can give them weapons, change specs and such. You can’t upgrade gear directly like you upgrade your own gear: you need special items which you can bring to special NPCs and those will upgrade all your heroes pieces at once. Once you upgrade your heroes gear, you can get a statue for them.

Except for one hero, which can get a statue with any upgrades: M.O.X.

M.O.X. is a hero “reward” you can get if you have all the expansions and can be found right outside one of the main hubs. And you just go there, talk to a guy and BAM!, hero unlocked. Then you put M.O.X. on your party, quick travel to Eye of the North, walk to the Hall of Monuments and BLAM!, 1 point for “Any Hero Statue”.


There are a couple of guides floating around: One is a Reddit guide to 30 points and there are some tips on the Official Wiki page for the Hall of Monuments (Edit: Also, there is a Guide on the official wiki). So, plan is:

  • Get one of the pets listed in the first point of the Reddit guide. This will earn 2 points: 1 for “Any Pet Statue” and 1 for “Any Rate Pet Statue”. Total points will go to 9.
  • Complete the Eye of the North quests and get one of the Oppressor weapons (I think it’s Oppressor, I can’t find the values again). Those weapons are the cheapest to buy and that will earn 1 point for “Any Weapon Statue” and 1 point for “Oppressor Weapon Statue”. Total points will got 11.

And then… well, that’s what I don’t know. If I get bored, I’ll try to push things around for a few more points, but not too much fussed about it.