My Goodbye Letter to Skyrim

Dear Skyrim,

I think it’s time for us to part our ways. Not that those 165 hours were bad or anything, it’s just because I have the feeling you’re slowly turning into some sort of “crazy cat lady”.

Sure, sure, your main quest was interesting and such and the philosophical conversations with Parthunaxx if the world should really be saved or it was in its fate to be destroyed for a new world was really deep and interesting but I did follow all the way to the ethereal world, met the heroes of the past and finally saved everyone in it, didn’t I?

Oh, and the story about the guys who work in the shadows but refuse to kill anyone? That was really interesting and I gladly traded sleep hours just to see where it went.

But… After all that, after all those discussions about this world and a new world, after fighting in heaven, to save not just the world but also the spirits of great heroes and you want me to join a cult that kills anyone without asking any questions? No. Hell, NO!

You see, I kinda liked you. But then you kept pushing me into decisions I didn’t like. Put out a lighthouse so a ship would crash? But I’m the good guy!. Ok, ok, I’ll be the ambiguous “I don’t care” guy, just to make you happy.

Oh, and then you give me the choice to join two different factions, but put both with the same underlying ideals so you don’t have to change anything? Oh sure, one doesn’t like half of the world, but the other doesn’t like the other half. That doesn’t change anything, does it?

So… yeah, time to move on, I guess. Call me again when you decide that what I think counts and it’s not just about you, you and you.