When Breaking NDAs Actually Helps

(This is a very harsh look at ArenaNet. Also, there a wild abuse of the word “and” and italics. Beware.)

I was about to post the leaked items in the Guild Wars 2 Gem Shop, even compiling a list with all the items, costs and descriptions available (but alas, a lot of people beat me to it), but then I read Rubi opinion about leaks in general and started having second thoughts.

I understand her position, but I can’t really agree with her in this situation.

Two days ago we had the post from Mike O’Brien about the Gem/Cash Shop, but there was a really big missing piece in the puzzle: What can you actually get with those gems?

The result was quite clear in /r/guildars2 (and apparently in Guild Wars 2 Guru Forums, but I just read one thread): Rage. Pure and simple. People claiming it would ruin the game; people coming with the “Pay2Win” argument; people bringing that change in the wiki about the shop; people missing the big picture… In a way, sadly, O’Brien post was damaging ArenaNet image due the lack of information. You could see that by the community reaction. I could even say that you could almost touch it.

And then, this morning, the leaked images of items in the Gem Shop appeared. And, again, you could see how /r/guildwars2 changed. Again, you could almost touch it. Everybody was (and still is) backing up ArenaNet and the Gem Shop!

Thing is, what you could get with real life money was the main part of what O’Brien post had to say. And it didn’t. And that lead to wild speculation. And speculation in itself is bad, but you can’t simply hope the it would go away without giving information. The leak stopped speculation and it restored people’s view of the company. The leak was, ultimately, good.

And now the part that will make ArenaNet refuse my credit card: Rubi post shows a severe lack of view of her own job (even if it is her personal account and doesn’t reflect ArenaNet and probably not her own professional views). She’s part of the community team. She, and the whole community team, should see that the community was up to arms against the company and itself. While people (like me) tried to show that there was nothing to worry[1], there were a lot more coming with claims that were damaging the game and the company and we had nothing to stop this. The guy who leaked the images did better community support than the community team. Trying to ignore what was going on and think “They will forget it once is launched” doesn’t help. At all.

I know, I know. I’m being hard on all of them because of a personal opinion of a single member. I had my fair share of “bad timed opinion” already and I know that happens. But there is a time that you have to see that, shake it off, apologize and laugh at it — the same way they laughed and made us laugh when the Mesmer was leaked as last profession (oh Ministrel, you so funny!) Make Colin, with his large smile, post an article about the rationale of the current items and some wacky, not-there-anymore items that didn’t make to the final shop. Say “Oh you guys. Next time, we’ll need a better safe to keep this things out of your reach ;)”. Or “Guys, that was our next post! You made baby Colin cry!”. Make fun of the leak. Embrace the leak.

In any case, I’m not posting the list. I didn’t save the file I used to compile and order the list and the draft is already deleted. But damn, Rubi opinion disgusts me. It could be fine in other instances, but not this time.

[1] Oh yeah, I’m claiming I’m white-knighting ArenaNet. Go make fun of me. It doesn’t mean I’m not waiting for GW2 with reserved optimism and I’m ready to see it, sadly, crash and burn — even if I don’t believe hat such thing will happen.

PS: I just checked the GW2Guru Forums, specifically the thread with the leaked images, and, compared with the thread discussing the announcement of the crash shop, it’s a damn civilized conversation.