Star Trek Online Goes F2P

About 4 months ago I wrote a review of Star Trek Online and my conclusion was that the game wasn’t that bad, but also not worth $15 every month. Soon, you’ll be able to check if I was right with no strings attached.

It seems Cryptic is going to change the game to be free to play (F2P) by the end of the year. And then it will match the price I thought it would be reasonable.

The only thing I have some restrictions now is the user created content. Yes, I know I said it was somewhat cool but one has to wonder how this will affect the general gameplay when there is nothing at stake. My reasoning goes like this: If you’re paying for it, you won’t want it ruined — after all, your money go there. So you won’t write crappy quest after crappy quest just to fill the content as fast as you can just to annoy the reviewers — or maybe you can’t, if the system protects itself. Now, if it’s free… who knows? Maybe all you want is to troll the game.

On the other hand, if you check the League of Legends Reddit, you’ll notice that a lot of people take the game seriously. And it’s also free to play.

Only time will tell if the system will be abused or not. Meanwhile, you” soon have a chance to check if you agree with me or not without using your wallet.

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God

A free-to-play rogue-like MMO.

For the little bit I played, the graphics, although 8-bit-looking, were nicely made and it run mostly ok. The loading process, though, froze my Firefox for a good 20 seconds.

Edit: Ok a bit more playing later and it seems they have lagging issues. Once I joined a map with a lot of people (about 75 of the maximum 85), my magical spells were lagging hard and movement was erratic. I’d drop all keys and my character would still move around, fires were going to places where my mouse was 2 seconds ago… That kind of mess. I can’t fully blame their server load or game mechanics (they should have a huge load right now, since the game was featured in Ars Technica) ‘cause I played on a Mac and it’s a widely known fact that Flash on OS X is incredible bad.