DUST 514 E3 2001 Trailer

So CCP unveiled, in this year E3, their new console game, DUST 514.

It’s yet another FPS (good looking, I must add) so it’s nothing that interesting per se. FPSes exist in all places, in all forms, so this is just another contender to the FPS-lovers hearts. What makes it interesting is that CCP is pushing it as tied with EVE Online. The only missing bit is how those two are tied together.

While Dust is a FPS, EVE is a massive space exploration/mining/production game. You can mine minerals, sell them, buy them from other players (using the in game currency ISK), convert them to more useful materials and build a huge list of things, from a simple laser cannon (or a simple laser len) to massive titanic spaceships.

My guess is that the next EVE expansion (its 15th) is going to add the blue prints necessary for the production of the tanks, weapons, ships and armors you just saw in that trailer. By winning objectives in DUST, players will earn ISK which can be used to buy those products from the EVE marketplace (produced by the MMO players). There will probably exist a link between your mercenary and your EVE character, so you can build your own armament in the MMO universe and use it on the FPS universe. But that’s all speculation from my part, from what I know about EVE.

I did a quick check on their website for release date or some information about how those two link together.