Of Initiators, Finishers and Delays

Recently, ArenaNet posted some development information about Guild Wars 2, pointing some new information about the things they are working on.

But seems not everybody is happy to know that they are still working on it. On Facebook, the initial 100 comments where more like “Shut up and say when it will be released”. Fortunately, Reddit mood was a lot nicer, with people pointing that it’s better to be late than being bad. I have the impression that most people on Facebook will be the ones that will play for a month, see it’s not WoW and then jump into the forums to complain.

Anyway, the blog post mentions the engineer toolbelt, the ranger pets and combos. At this point, I don’t feel really compelled to play an engineer (although Jump Shot is pretty damn cool) or a ranger (although the Fern Mastiff is too damn cool to ignore) but the combos, that’s interesting.

The previous combo we knew was Firewall (from an Elementalist) and any Ranger shooting ability. Now they came with a longer list:

Use Ricochet through a Firewall to get a bouncing axe that has a chance to burn the targets it hits. Leaping Death Blossom through a Symbol of Faith will remove conditions from allies near your target. Stomp inside a Smoke Screen to cloak nearby allies.

They also explained that there are abilities that are initiators and abilities that are finishers. All those listed above show one initiator and one finisher. So the number of combos shown is not 3 but actually 9.

Initiators Finishers
Firewall Ricochet
Symbol of Faith Leaping Death Blossom
Smoke Screen Stomp

The results may be unknown but we know that you can, for example, Stomp over a Smoke Screen, a Firewall or a Symbol of Faith and those will produce combos (initiatior – finisher, remember?) Sure, it will take some time to recognize if the skill you’re using is a initiator or a finisher (or none), but we have a pretty decent list to start with (and the wiki lists some more, but focusing more on the combo themselves instead of listing initiators and finishers).