The Long Road to Guild Wars 2

Next week, ArenaNet will do an Asura Week, with a full week of articles about the Asura, with videos, pictures and lore.

Some people may think it means release is really close (or, at least, the open beta), as Asura is the last race to not have a full week yet and, after next week, all races will have their spotlight week. Also, you must know that ArenaNet never talks about stuff that isn’t done.

Except we are forgetting there are still stuff to be talked about.

  • Unknown Profession: There is one last profession to be announced, and to have a full week of discussion.
  • The Dungeons: So far, there was the announcement (and related week, with the Fan Open House week) of a single dungeon, Ascalonian Catacombs, but we know there will be more. There will be, at least, Sorrow’s Embrace. Guild Wars 2 lists 8 known dungeons. And you can guess they will do one week for each.
  • Disciplines: “Disciplines” is what other MMOs call “Professions”. There are 8 disciplines but I don’t think you can fill a whole week with a single discipline, so let’s imagine that it will take a full week just for disciplines, although I think they will split in 3 weeks (gathering disciplines, armor professions and everything else — just ’cause there is no way to split into gathering, crafting and services, like in WoW).
  • Traits: We know a bit about traits, which let you change your skills behaviour (increasing effect time, damage or whatever related to it), but we know that they are doing some rework on it. So one can expect that there will be a “Traits Week” once they finalize the rework.

If ArenaNet makes a week for each of these points and then take a week of let things rest, we have at least 22 weeks till everything is considered “finalized”, which, following the order I put there, will make Traits Week on the week of 30 of January, at which point they will probably go into open beta.

Now I wish I’m completely wrong.