Pretty Sure My MMO Playtime Ruined My Diablo Skills

Yesterday, playing Diablo II and seeing that Javazons are not that fun to play (for me), I decided to roll a Poisonmancer.

For those who don’t know DIablo II builds, a Poisonmancer is a Necromancer who relies heavily on a golem for tanking, Poison Dagger, Poison Nova and Poison Explosion, with some switching to Lower Resist to break those pesky “Immune to Poison” mobs. Obviously, since this is high level build, I had to use Poison Dagger (level 1), Bone Shield (‘cause it was pretty close to the mobs) and Amplify Damage. And a Golem that died evey 20 minutes or so.

Diablo II offers a way to quickly switch between those things: Open your Skill options (in the left or right side of your bar), hover over one of the skills and press any of the Function keys (by default, I usually change those to some mnemonics). Then, while playing, you can press that key and it will quickly switch to the spell.

Now the thing is: I switched to a Paladin ‘cause it was damn hard to me to switch from a “1” to “0” “press button to cast spell”, like in any MMO. That’s probably why I went so far in Torchlight: Although you still have the right-click and left-click spells, you can assign anything to your spell bar. I rolled up and down throwing meteorites at enemies thanks to that.

After that realization, I started thinking if Diablo III will be the game for me. I mean, I’m having a hard time with Diablo II and, by what I saw, it doesn’t seem Diablo III changes that formula that much — or even want, most people would start comparing Diablo III to World of Warcraft if they went full with a spellbar.

After installing Diablo II, and after creating the first character, faster than Warriv can say “Hello stranger!”, I typed


Some things never change ;)

Back to Basics

Yes, yes, I could be playing Torchlight but… meh, I already reached a character level 100 with that and not in the mood to keep going down that dungeon.

Related: Download speeds for Diablo II suck. I have peer-to-peer disabled ‘cause it was coming at 70kbps tops and uploading at almost 100kpbs.

*Sidenote*: Kinda hope this will help me get one of the Diablo 3 beta keys when it goes public ;)