Torchlight II Final Class and Price

Apparently, Runic released information about the 4th and last class in their upcoming Torchlight II, and the game price tag. The official game page was updated with the new class but no price tag there yet.

But holy shit, $20? Even if it’s not the Diablo we all want (you know, hacky-n-slashy, play whenever you want, don’t worry about internet connection, no pay-to-win, that kind of stuff), $20 is freaking cheap for this.

Torchlight 2 E3 2011 “Armor” Trailer

In the wake of E3, Runic Games announced the third class “Berserk” and posted a video with the gear sets available in the game, which have a release date marked to July 2011:

It’s interesting to see how many sets are available, although not totally surprising, seeing the number of different designs in the first game of the series. Another thing that popped on my head was how the character faces look like a Mii…

There are some gameplay videos floating around, but none looks good enough to get a real view of the whole. But (there is always a “but”), from the little I saw, it seems they are pushing their “spiritual expansion of Diablo” a bit too far. Not with the classes, that’s sure but the whole “feel” of it. Even Matt Uelmen seems to have lost his “I’m working there now” and made songs that feel complete rip offs from the original Diablo series, although he’s the guy who made those too.

I’ll get the Mac version once it’s out but… dunno, I have this nagging feeling that I’ll play only half of it ‘cause suddenly a “Wait, why I’m playing Diablo 2 again?” thought will cross my mind.