The damages of World of Warcraft

I started writing this, then deleted and let it go. But today I saw this Guild Wars 2 press video and I could see that I should’ve completed that post.

Now, before I go on, let me say that I don’t like to say anything bad about other people gameplays. Trying to find what people did wrong while not looking what you’re doing is quite hypocritical — and that’s why I had a series called “PvPing with Thor” to analyse my own play style instead of bashing other Holy Paladins in World of Warcraft.

That being said… Man, what a bad gameplay. Seriously. I won’t get into details about his continual spam of the first skill, not changing attunements or complete lack of dodging — we said he was tired and sleep deprived, which could explain part of it — but his fight with Master Ranger Nente (which starts around the 19:00 mark) is bad in many ways. His words: “The biggest problem here is trying to move around and attack at the same time.”

Sure, that would be a problem in games like World of Warcraft and parts of Rift, but Guild Wars 2 allows casting while moving. And that’s some damage Blizzard’s MMO (and its predecessors and its cousins) did to a lot of players.

Little anecdote time: When I was playing Rift, one of the things I planned was to roll one character of each class; with the Rogue, I went into the Ranger soul tree, basically being a Ranger (also, Marksman and something else I can really remember). I remember how impressed people went when they saw me kiting mobs while still shooting, ’cause I early realised that any spell that doesn’t have a casting time can’t be cast while moving. That simply blown other peoples minds!

But… does that make sense? I think it does. Some wizard doesn’t need to sit still to be able to recite enchants, do they? Someone who is good with the bow doesn’t really need to stand still to be able to shot an arrow, unless it’s a very trick shot, don’t they? (Merida just agrees with me).

And, yet, people still believe that to cast some magic bolt anything, you need to stand still — like you can’t talk and walk at the same time. To shot an arrow, you need to stand still.

Ugh. Just… ugh.

Maybe ArenaNet needs to put, in big letters, YOU CAN MOVE AND CAST AT THE SAME TIME! when everyone logs in. Actually, put that in the login screen.

And yes, I know such things existed way before WoW. But WoW bring those silly ways to the masses and never even thought about changing it.