Yup, It Is a Mesmer

ArenaNet promised we would know the last profession before the end of the year, but didn’t gave a proper date for it. But some people jumped the gun and posted a video with the skills before ArenaNet did the officla announcement, which forced them to announce the class before the official blog post. The video has been since removed but hey, only 2 more days and you’ll see it.

(But someone was faster and uploaded a copy to YouTube, so you can still watch it.)

From what I could see before it was removed… I’m torn. Really. My idea was to roll a Guardian on the start but damn, those guys from ArenaNet made some pretty nice skills for the Mesmer.

My reaction times are pretty bad, so I usually take the place of “go ahead and smash face on enemy” type of gameplay, so the original Mesmer was not something I could handle properly, doing interrupts in time and such. But this version is more active and a lot more cooler: An Invisibility area, mirror images (which shatter beautifully when out of time/health), a random (maybe?) effect zone, teleportation (a là Guardian Flashing Blade), Shatter Images (destroying the mirror images to cause damage), Teleport symbols and a bad ass laser beam which causes your weapon to float in front of you.

The game visuals also seems to get a nice upgrade: If you pay attention in the “Crippling Zone” spell, you can see the spell slowly falling in the ground, like a sheet of paper; you can see the facial expression of the last Sylvari changing to an angry face while casting the laser spell; and, on top of that, the smooth animation of the greatsword returning to his hand. I kinda wish they would redo the other skill videos, just to compare how long their engine has gone in those months.