Very bad quality video with some arena games. What’s interesting is the voice-over (which sounds official — or, at least, sounds a lot like one of the Blizzard developers whose name escapes me at the moment): Apparently, in PvP, some talents will change to be more PvP focused. This is exactly what Guild Wars do, so they can balance PvP and PvE independently. Also, it seems PvP will be more about counters. I just hope that, in Diablo, Blizzard doesn’t think “counter” as “interrupt”, like they did in World of Warcraft.

Star Wars: The Old Republic, Bounty Hunter Progression. One thing that the previous videos showed that really turned me off was the player being hit. If you look at those videos, you’d see player characters being hit by large plasma “bullets” and doing absolutely nothing. I mean, no hit animation. So what did Bioware did this time? All enemies miss. All the time. So you don’t notice the “being hit” animation that isn’t there. On the other hand, now lasers can do curves. World of Warcraft and Rift are safe ‘cause bullets/pellets and arrows move too fast and don’t have a large profile. But laser and plasma? Though luck. Graphics quality? Ok-ish. I’d say it’s on par with the current World of Warcraft quality, which says a lot, ‘cause World of Warcraft is using a 6 year old graphics engine and low polygon count objects. It could be that Bioware is using some “non-ultra” quality settings for their demos, but that is just as bad as having a bad engine. Every single video Bioware posts about this game is a huge turn off. Unless they plan to release it in 2013, which may give them enough time to do proper animations and objects, they may have a change against World of Warcraft and Rift. Otherwise, this game will only have the franchise and the whole “we voiceover everything” to support itself — And that sounds pretty dangerous, compared to the incoming games.