Cash shop? 4 Players max? Online only? No LAN? Barely any gore? Virtually no developers of the previous Diablo games? Say it ain’t so…


So a couple days ago there was a large blow-out of information concerning Diablo 3 that has been making its rounds around the internet. The two big things that have caught everyones attention in particular are a Real Money Auction House, and an Always-Online DRM setup. I want to comment on both of those. For the TLDR folks I’ll just say it now – I don’t like it one bit.

First off – The always online DRM. I just have to ask why? Is there a legitimate reason why I cannot play this game at all if say my internet goes down for half an hour or god forbid I’m in an area without broadband internet access for a period of time? Hell, what happens if blizzard has some scheduled or even unscheduled maintanence? (Which anyone who has played WoW for a couple years should know happens more than it should). Well I guess I can go play single player when that hap- Oh wait.

Now the blizzard apologists are going around saying stuff along the lines of “Well you’re always connected to the internet anyways” which in my case is true, but it isn’t for everyone, nor does it change that this kind of DRM is anti-consumer bullshit. Hell, I’m someone who has never actually beaten Diablo 2 by myself, only ever on, and I still cant agree with this concept. No its not going to effect me personally, but its still violating peoples consumer rights.

At the very least Blizzard could give us an option of “Offline Only Character, Cannot be Used Online”, which would squash all the arguments about preventing cheating and inflating the Auction House with hacked goods. Which brings me to the next point – the Real Money Auction House. To this one – I can almost understand the reasoning behind it, its the repercussions I don’t like.

Diablo 2 was plagued with various websites selling items and gear. It was profitable as hell I’m sure given the fact that those websites are still around, but for the most part it was frowned upon. What blizzard has done has legitimized it all. It has destroyed any semblance of an economy that the game would have had (You’ll never see anything along the lines of “Stone of Jordan is worth 2 of those runes…” ever again). Now its more than okay for it to happen as long as blizzard gets their cut. Sure plenty of people are looking at with dollar signs in their head, thinking “Hey, I’ll be able to make some money off this game, Awesome!”

No. You Wont.

Why not? Because the exact same kind of companies who already sell items for Diablo 2, are going to dominate the market for Diablo 3. They know how the market works. They have the infrastructure, and they will farm and farm and farm. They know how to do it already, they’ve turned it into an art form. And by their sheer immensity and scale, they will rule the RMAH. And Blizzard won’t care, as long as they’re getting a cut of the profits. 

The next problem with it is that it in short makes PvP Pay-To-Win. Which sure was pretty much how it was in the days of Diablo 2. But PvP in D2 was a distraction. PvP in Diablo 3 is kind of being made into a key point of the game. An entire PvP Arena set up, that anyone who isn’t willing to spend real money on virtual items, is not going to be successful in.

This honestly isn’t the Blizzard I love and remember from the 90’s and I can’t help but think a lot of this stems from their success with WoW and their merger with Activision. Its sad to see a once great developer pull crap like this. The more we hear about Diablo 3, the more it seems Torchlight 2 seems far more compelling.