Melancholy Reverie

Guild Wars received a new update as a prelude to the launch of Guild Wars 2: A series of quests called “Wayfarer’s Reverie” that take you around the three campaigns and the expansion to points of interest. Yes, this is basically the way you’d do “Vistas” in Guild Wars 1.

So, in Eye of the North, you have to visit the dragon under Drakkar Lake, the mountain that is actually Kralkatorrik, the destroyers in the Charr zone… Honestly, I have the feeling that we’ll see those in Guild Wars 2 again, in one form or another.

There were also points in Cantha and Elona, which will not see in Guild Wars 2 (at least, not at launch) but you also had to revisit some places in Tyria, like the old Ascalonian places, which I also think are connected to places we’ll see in Guild Wars 2.

(The zone around Old Ascalon is obviously in the game, in the Charr zones, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that making me go all the way to Lyssa statue in the Mineral Springs was only there to make me remember the Norn skill point where one Norn is enjoying a hot tub in the middle of snow. I’m fairly sure I’m wrong about its location too, though.)

But one thing I couldn’t shake was the feeling of how long things have come when I reached Lornar’s Pass. For those who don’t know it, it’s a zone that connects part of the high level zones with the low level ones (you can pick a route following the main storyline, which will lead you to the easy part or you can go south and face enemies that are 2 to 4 levels higher than you.)

The thing is: I immediately remembered when my first character, an Elemenstalist reached the place. It was a time when we didn’t have PvXwiki, the only type of companion you could have were henchmen and I had absolutely no idea about builds. It was a pain to keep going, with those level 22 and 24 mobs simply destroying any attempt to progress in the zone. Eventually, I paid a runner (someone with the right skills to cross the land in super-speed without taking too much damage) to reach another point — which really didn’t help me with my main questline.

And, this weekend, I was plowing through that zone, with a Paragon which I understand exactly how it works — thanks to a help from PvX, obviously — and with heroes that I customized to the best of their abilities. Things were so easy I was actually running to the packs of level 24 mobs just to get some drops.

(I also bought the topic to the guild. A lot of similar stories arose, with people mentioning their “Lornar’s Passes”.)

Long roads. We crossed them. But we simply forgot about them.