The End of the Long HoM Road

I was pretty happy with my 11 points in the Hall of Monuments but, as I mentioned, there was more I could get in Guild Wars 2. Well, yesterday, I reached the 26 points and the last item I could use with my Guardian.

For that I:

  • Bought a Black Moa Chick. I mentioned I could go after it if I wanted, but decided to buy it when a guildie announced he was selling it. I still can get my money back if I go after it.
  • Didn’t complete the Protector titles, for some reason. I got Eternal Spearmarshal and Savior or Kurzicks instead.
  • I did complete War in Kryta and got an Oppressor weapon. Actually, I ended with enough Medals of Honor to get 2 weapons, but ultimately gave the second weapon to a guildie.
  • Didn’t get any Tormented weapons.
  • Got the Kurzick armor and the Vabbian armor.

That does actually shows how things progressed, which is kinda of a fun story:

  • Eternal Spearmarshal:
    After finding out that Hard Mode isn’t that hard after all, I went vanquishing everything in Elona (as I was trying to get the special foods for Hearts of the North.) When I least expected, I reached rank 10 Sunspear.
  • Kurzick gear:
    I mentioned I was after the Luxon gear, but what I didn’t realize is that my guild is Kurzick, and farming would earn twice as many points instead of going after Luxon.
  • Savior of Kurzicks:
    That was the greatest facepalm of them all. After I got the Vabbian armor by selling the Oppressor weapon, all I needed was another title. Since I was having a lot of fun with my Paragon, I decided to go after things I use with him, like the Ebon Battle Standard of Honor. I had the story book and decided to go all the way with it, which only brought me to rank 4. Since I still had the Dungeon Master Book, I went after the dungeons but it was kinda boring. Then I decided to go after the Lightbringer title, since there was a double Lightbringer point weekend. With a little experimentation, I found out that I could do Mirror of Lyss farm in about 15 minutes, earning about 500 reputation each run, with a total time necessary for my Ritualist to reach rank 8 in just 25 hours — which is not that bad in a weekend. The problem is that I found that in the Sunday afternoon, when there was no way I could cram 25 hours of gameplay.

    So back I went to farm Ebon Vanguard reputation. When I was bored, I went back to Cantha and do the Kurzick quests just for fun. What I didn’t realize is that my farming for the Kurzick gear earn me rank 2 of the Kurzicks and, for display, I needed to reach only rank 4. “Oh, that doesn’t seem so far…”, I thought. That’s when I found that I could donate faction to the guild, earning twice as many points. Another little experimentation and I discovered that Vanquishing Ferndale 4 more times would be enough. And then, yesterday, I reached rank 4 of the Kurzicks, another title and, finally, 26 points.

Now things are a little bit fuzzy. I did complete a lot in the game already, so I don’t know for sure what to do. I mean, I know all the 4 storylines, and that’s seems a bit tiring doing everything again with my Paragon. The remaining bit is the “Winds of Change” storyline, but I still don’t want to pick my Ritualist again and not in the mood to complete the Cantha storyline again (I could finish Elona story again, as Abaddon is a pretty fun mission, but fighting Shiro again feels so meeeehhh).

Meanwhile, there is the second part of the Annihilator quest in the April Fools changes…