My First 2 Hours of Mass Effect 2

Since starting Mass Effect for the third time felt like a huge “UGH!”, I bought the second installment. So far:

  • The guy who decided it was a good idea to import old characters and give complete different game controls should be shot.
  • Also, the “importer” tool (to import games from the first game to the second) is dumb as a piece of brick. It’s like they don’t even know the registry keys they used in the first game.
  • On the other hand, the guy who designs the starships deserves three or four prizes for his/her designs.
  • Nice nod to Star Trek: One of the Engineers have a Scottish accent.
  • I’m again picking the voices: After getting right with Martina Sirtis and Keith David on the first game, I recognized Martin Sheen on this second appearance (in the game).
  • Seems the got the idea right this time: “Do you need anything?” seems to be the new “Give me your quest”, so you don’t need to navigate dialogs and dialogs and pick the right options to find something new to do.
  • … although finding those while talking with Garrus and Wrek was too damn fun.
  • I’m still confused why Dr. Chakwas is not one of the romance options (I checked the wiki). I’d do her in the first game and I’d do her again.
  • Call me silly, but I find it… nostalgic hearing the Australian accent again (by Miranda/Yvonne Strahvoski) — although it feels really “weak” and I’m used to strong ones.