Steam is cool, but its support…

The year was 2011. AD.

It was the first weeks of August and I was trying deeper waters inside “Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood”. I was enthusiastic about the game, its story line and its music. Oh, I was so happy I bought the Deluxe edition with all songs in MP3 format, so I could legally hear them whenever I want, without having to resort to PirateBay or anything.

But… Where did Steam put those songs?

A quick search on the interpipes pointed the directory (on Macs), which I eagerly tried to find, without success. Variations, searching for partial names, all in vain. The files would nowhere to be found.

“Maybe I’m doing something wrong”, I thought, and launched myself into the Steam forums for the game. A quick exchange with some other “forumer” pointed that the initial information was really correct and that, for some reason, I didn’t get the files. Time for a ticket.

August 9th, 2011. That’s the date the ticket was open. They reckoned the problem and would “look further into it”.

Almost two months later, I checked the ticket and it was closed. I reopened it, asking if there was something it could be done. The answer was “no answer at this time”.

And then I resorted to the dirty, black way of getting things on the internet. I was not proud of it, but I was pissed that I paid for something and never got it.

Fast forward a bit more than 4 months later. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood is for a long time already, a memory; its story completed and done. Other long games came and gone (Skyrim, for example). And what happens? Steam finally found the problem and I can get the Deluxe content if I install the game again.

Thing is, do I even care at this point? The answer is no. Worse: If Steam kept their month shut, I’d even forget about it. But they answer, 5 months after the initial problem was reported, it’s a black stain in our somewhat nice relationship so far.

Steam, I really love the easiness I can get my games and such, but goddamit, fix your support.