Shelf Updates, 2011-11-19

Added to the shelf: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. And yes, this was 3 days ago, but just now I remembered that I didn’t post it.

Also, I’m basically putting “League of Legends” and “Grand Theft Auto 3” in the shelf. I got a bit tired of LoL and fighting the bots over and over again in the same map (it can’t be that hard to change their AI to work on the two other maps — and I’m not really fan of PvP in MOBAs, due my own inability to play it in a decent way [and, before you say it, no, there is nothing wrong with the game itself]) and GTA 3… well… not that good to play, basically ’cause the controls feel bad — but, again, I know that Vice City and San Andreas play controls are much nicer, and the game was released ages ago, so all is understandable.

Guild Wars is still in ’cause I still want to do some quest from time to time, get some gold, get some easy titles (if those exist) before finally settling it down.