Ritualist Skills by Icon

I watched a video on How to Farm Ectoplasm in Guild Wars (ectos being the most expensive material in the game) and it got me wondering what spells this guy was using (without using the code he left in the description, which only works inside the game). But I’m kinda bad switching between two browser tabs (one with the video, other with the skill list) and an editor, so I wrote small descriptions for the icons, switching between video and editor, so later all I had to do wa switch between editor and browser. Those are the descriptions I used:

Signet of Spirits” was the only one I knew the name, ’cause it’s an elite skill and I run after it.
Screaming chick.
Scared guy.
Gandhi on fire (I reckon it doesn’t look anything remotely like Gandhi looking at the 64×64 image, but on the small video on YouTube, it looks a bit like it).
Angry Bruce Campbell.
Debuff: Carrying a heavy weight (I knew it was a debuff due the pink down arrow — only visible in the video).