New Guild Wars 8th Profession Idea: Bard

You know when we see a small thing and like to speculate the hell of it? Like people see a character with a purple background in one of the first professions teaser and say “It’s the Mesmer!”? Or when we hear that ArenaNet is working on more synergy between ranger and their pet and we say “It’s the Ritualist!”cough?

Well, I got another thing so we can speculate the hell of it. And boys, they are just 6 words.

I was watching Isaiah Cartwright interview to XollFury and, around the 24:03 mark, they were discussing mobility and animations and such and they said this:

XollFury: “Is there any ability that any of the professions have currently that you cannot move while casting?”

Isaiah: “Yes, there is. We actually… you know… I mean… We have abilities that definitely make you look really cool and we have these animations that… hm… just doesn’t make sense. Stuff like your character kneels down to play something […]”

The six speculative words here are kneels down to play something. Now… Who would kneel down to play something? The only thing that came to my mind was someone doing a serenade. You know, kneel down, put the guitar in one knee and sing to the loved one. And, as any RPG fan would say, serenades are the things Bards do.

All things fit now! Except they don’t.

RIFT have bards. They run around with bows and daggers but, their singing spells show harps and violas appearing and disappearing out of thin air. And, seriously, anyone believes ArenaNet would come with physical things that appear and disappear out of thin air? I don’t think so. The bards in Guild Wars 2 would have to carry harps and guitars as weapons and they would have to be the only class with specific weapons, which I’m skeptical they would put such thing in the game.

The only thing I can imagine it would be true would be the expansion of the Mesmer class. While in Guild Wars 1 the Mesmer is portrayed as an actor, I can imagine they would increase the Mesmer abilities to include things from other real-life entertainment professions. For example, musicians (adding a bit of bard-y spells), maybe mimes (invisible boxes and walls, anyone?) and things like that. And the class would also be renamed to something more like “Artist” or “Performer”

But yeah, kneel down and play something must mean something…