HoM Progress

About a month ago I made a post about my Hall of Monuments Progress. Since then:

  • I rolled a Ritualist as suggested by the Reddit Guide and went on questing, only to half-way realize I passed the point where I could get the Black Moa Bird. After I got it, I gave up Canta quests and started the Eye of the North questline, to get the tapestries. As soon as I got the first tapestry, I put a statue for the Black Moa, giving me the 2 points I was expecting. This added a cat and a bow to my rewards list.
  • Following Eye of the North quests, I complete all the quests except the last one. In the waiting lounge (the part of the game you share with other players), some guy was asking if someone needed the tokens required to upgraded your heroes gear (the thing M.O.X. don’t need to get a statue). Thinking it would help me complete the quest if my heroes had better gear (pro-tip: It doesn’t; the last quest is a more about positioning than defense) I asked how much he wanted for it, keeping in mind that I needed the money to get the materials to buy the Oppressor weapon after completing the last quest. The guy started trade and simply traded the tokens for free. After upgrading my heroes, I thought about checking the points with those heroes in the HoM. 6 new statues and I got 2 more points for having 5 statues in the Fellowship monument.

And, thus, I finally reached my goal: 11 Points, enabling the sword and shield rewards.

So, what now?

Now, I can play just for fun. I can go back and complete the side quests I left behind and, who knows maybe get some more points to get “A Clawed Scepter” (16 points), “A Brilliant, Colorful Focus” (20 points) or “An Ominous Greatsword” (23 points). But, again, what I wanted to achieve is done already.