And Then I Started Playing League of Legends

Out of the blue, I finally decided to give League of Legends a go. And, sadly, that’s the only thing I’m playing so far.

Why sadly? Well, ‘cause I spent a bunch of money on those games from Steam and now I’m hooked on a free game. That’s the only sad thing on it. Everything else is great, I must say, although I’m getting tired of playing the same map over and over again — ‘cause I don’t feel I’m ready to pickPvP and there is only one map with bots. There are new maps (and game modes) but I haven’t seen them yet (or maybe they weren’t fully released, I’m not following development that close).

One of the problems I found is that matches take a bit too long: around 45 to 60 minutes. The problem with that is that you spent around 1 hour in front of the computer for a single battle, which I don’t feel “filling”. So you have to spent 2 to 3 hours in front of your computer to feel completely satisfied.

Anyway, it’s a damn fun game.

One thought on “And Then I Started Playing League of Legends

  1. I love League of Legends. I agree about the game length though. Luckily there already addressed that and the dominion patch coming out soon will fix it. It’s very exciting.

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