Solar 2, Early Review

I got the word about Solar 2 from WTF is… Solar 2? and, as usual, TotalBiscuit always leave something to you to find out for yourself. But, this time, I bit the bait.

I can’t really call it an “early review” ‘cause I beat the game in one hour and half. Well, not quite “beat”, but I finished it. Ok, as Leonardo DiCaprio would say: “We need to go deeper”.

Solar 2 is a gravity simulator, with an arcade game built on top of it. You start as a simple asteroid, and you can hammer yourself into other asteroids to increase your mass, till you reach enough mass to be considered a small planet. At this point, you get some gravity, which allow you to capture other asteroids as moons, which you can “consume” to increase your mass till you reach enough mass to be a medium planet. Rinse, repeat till you become a star, at which you can capture planets with your gravity (and the planets can capture asteroids), you can consume the planets till you reach enough mass to become a black hole, at which point you can consume everything in your universe.

Right now, it sounds pretty boring, right? Well, thing is, it’s not. As asteroid, you need enough inertia to merge with another asteroids, as a planet you need to take care to make asteroids get into your orbit instead of hitting you directly, as a star, you need to take care of raising your planets capturing asteroids, taking in account their gravity and yours…

Again, reaching the higher levels of mass takes a bit below two hours. But that’s only because you can jump all missions. Missions, you say? Yes, missions. You have up to 4 types of missions and those change when your mass rate change. For example, as an asteroid, one of the missions you can get is hit a planet of dinosaurs which just discovered space flight. Or you have to run away from missiles shot by the entity that tutors you in the first missions. As a small planet, you may have to run a huge distance to a gig (kid you not) without hitting anything in the way. And, when you reach there, you get the news that you are the stage and you should show up for the presentation, which will attract everything in the universe to you — if you’re quick, i can dodge other planets while capturing asteroids; or, if you’re slow, you will blow up.

Another high point of the game is the music. I dare to say that that one hour and something of play time was highly enjoyable due the game music. And the entity weird sense of humor.

So far, although I enjoyed it thoroughly and plan to complete the missions, I can’t see much replayability value in the game, unless you want to finish every single possible mission. But, for the price is being sold on Steam, it’s really worth it.

Edit: From planet, you jump to habitable planet, then medium, then large. My bad.