Guild Wars 2 Will Have No Mounts — And You Shouldn’t Worry About It

On my Twitter saved search for Guild Wars 2, I get a link almost every week to someone pointing that Guild Wars 2 will have no mounts — sometimes it’s a question, sometimes it’s just someone saying it will be crap ‘cause there are no mount, sometimes it’s a mix of those.

If Guild Wars 2 will or will not have mounts we don’t know yet. We know that Arena.Net have not shown any at this point and that Guild Wars didn’t had any. But, at the same time, it’s nothing to worry about.

Guild Wars 1 didn’t have mounts ‘cause it all played in instantiated zones: The place were you fought was the mission. It was kinda like expecting to use mounts inside dungeons in World of Warcraft.

But Guild Wars 2 is no Guild Wars 1 and the world is open for everyone now. But also there are no quests, everything is based on events.

Let’s take, for example, Rift: So far, I found only one zone with 2 porticulums — special points that allow the player to teleport to everywhere else. And the zones are huge. So you need a mount just to be able to jump to somewhere else. And some quests are put too far away from the questgiver it would make anyone abandon the quest straight away if there were no mounts (and you can get them at level 1, if you have enough gold).

In Guild Wars 2, due the dynamic event system, you won’t need to go to the questgiver to get the quest: It will be happening exactly where you are. And even in the case you know there is one event happening in the other side of the map, you can open your map and just click the waypoint to reach there — which we can assume there will be one next to every major event (this is shown more than once in the gameplay videos released so far).

In other words, you won’t need mounts to reach some event ‘cause most waypoints are put next to them and you won’t need mounts to complete your quests ‘cause you’ll be inside those quests anyway.