Guild Wars 2, SDCC Videos

The San Diego ComicCon happened this weekend on (duh!) San Diego and Guild Wars 2 was available to play. Obviously, lots of people recorded whatever they saw and posted on YouTube. r/GuildWars2 picked some. What they have posted so far (beware that there is a lot of ambient noise and some recommend that you mute the video ASAP):

  • Norn Guardian:
  • Charr Engineer (mostly traits and character customization):
  • Charr Necromancer:

  • Norn Warrior:
  • Guild Wars 2 running with 3 Screens:
  • Human Necromancer:
  • Human Ranger:
  • Alienware Guild Wars 2 gameplay:
  • Norn Snow Leopard gameplay (not the racial ability):
  • Human Engineer, flamethrower gameplay:
  • Human Engineer, underwater:
  • More Engineer:
  • Yet more engineer:
  • Dye system:
  • Charr Thief:
  • Human Thief: