Beating Rift Deadlines

After the Steam summer sale, I cancelled my Rift subscription. I have too many games to play now, and I thought “With that many things to do, I could save some money by cancelling my subscription and doing something else”. And, just to be clear, that’s the only reason for that.

Anyway, when I decided to cancel it, I had just paid the subscription for the month, which meant I had still 31 days to play. Since my Cleric was level 43, I decided to see if I could reach level 50 before running out of the game. And, this weekend, with 17 days remaining, I finally got a level 50 character.

With still 16 days to go, what I still can do? First of all, getting the 110% mount, which shouldn’t be that hard — in half afternoon, after reaching level 50, I managed to get at least 12 platinum, reaching 100 plat total. I still have some plat with my other characters (from my previous “enterprise” of getting one of each class, covering all professions). And then I’ll still have some free time to get some achievements.

After that… dunno. That rush wasn’t bad (although I still want the Hammerknell event to end so I can get the damn 4 lesser, 2 greater sigil and I’m getting tired of the dailies) but, again, I have a lot of non-subscription based games to play now.