Terraria 1.0.5, First Impressions

Terraria got its latest patch today. According with the developers, there should be about 50 new items.

I patched my game around 8pm and played for about 3 hours. In those 3 hours, all I did was explore and get some of those new items. The game is really getting really large. Some things I noticed so far:

  • The Guide is incredible useful now, not just for new players: A new option, “Crafting”, will allow you to drop an item and check what can be made with it.
  • Corrupted bunnies are in the game.
  • The desert biome is alive. It’s not just sand anymore, but new mobs and even cacti.
  • The number of plants you can get is huge. I may finally have to do some farms.
  • 3 hours playing and I didn’t go underground once. Too many new things around.
  • Surface jungle? Not seen it yet.
  • Glowing sticks. I can’t stop thinking about The Cheat.
  • I’m kinda screwed with my Terraria crafting maps.
  • The world generation is much more interesting now.